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Your safety is important to us!

SUPing is a blast but our main concern is that you’re safe dong it! We always like to ask some questions when you arrive about your experience with water, swimming, comfortability, etc., any previous SUPing skills and any additional information that will help us pick out your board and PFD (Personal Floatation Device) we will assign you (Inflatable PFD vs. Vest PFD)

You are provided with all the safety equipment and gear needed to have a safe and enjoyable SUP experience.

  • coast guard approved Personal Floatation device (PFD) and whistle
  • leash
  • SUP board and paddle
  • waterproof cell phone case (optional)
  • Sunscreen (We have some available as well) or rash guard
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Water and a snack. It’s a good workout and you’ll have an appetite when you get off the water!
  • Weather appropriate clothing (Layer Up). It’s not fun when your freezing cold or boiling hot!
  • Bathing suit (well duh!)
  • Towel
Check our Weather & Cancellations page for updates.You can also follow us on our social media for immediate updates.
We have both children and pets PFDs and safety checks. To learn more, please see our Kids & Pets page.
Here are a few safety tips to follow when you’re out on the water and to help plan a day with us at South Surf.

  • Wear your Personal Floatation Device (PFD) at all times!
  • Blow your whistle if you’re in trouble
  • If you are going to fall, fall OFF your board NOT on it.
  • Make sure you listen to the safety briefing on the shore from the SUP instructor. They will give you information that is important in order to get on and off your board safely, falling off the board, stopping the board and turning the board (For a more detailed instruction check out our Paddle Canada Basic SUP COURSE)
  • Keep an eye on the weather! We will never allow any one to paddle board during a storm, but if you notice dangerous weather conditions (lightning, off shore winds, etc.) when out on the water DO NOT HESITATE head back to shore immediately.
  • If it’s your first time, stay close to the shore line. When you are first learning you underestimate the power of the wind and currents. It’s best to play it safe and stay close to the beach so we too can keep an eye on you.
  • Wear your leash, especially on windy days!
  • Keep track of where you are at all times. Use different land markers as you go on your adventure so you can find your way back to home base with ease.
  • Be respectful of boat traffic, especially when entering Cedar Creek. Give them the right of way and make sure the canal is clear before entering. ALSO sit or kneel on the board when entering the boat canal. There are strong currents where creek and lake meet. You have more balance and control when seated on the SUP board.
  • When in doubt SIT DOWN! It’s not a competition.
  • NEVER mix alcohol or recreational drugs with SUPing.
  • Have a Paddle Buddy! It’s always safest to go out with somebody, however, if you are alone make sure you tell the SUP instructor where you plan on going and bring a water proof cell phone case.

Any concerns call us


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