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Paddling on Lake Erie gives me such a beautiful, happy and content feeling inside… there is definitely powerful and healing energy when on any large body of water. 

As I was walking along the shore line yesterday, soaking in the intense beauty, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad seeing all the pieces of plastic and debris that had washed up. Normally I might just ignore it and look beyond it and into the vast lake ahead… but I thought that if I don’t do this right now, who will? I felt as though it was a job I had to do in that moment for being a consumer in this world. Like it was some sort of payment to Mother Earth. Our Earth gives us all the gifts we need to survive and this is how we repay it? As I combed through the beach picking up garbage, a lot of the things I found, I also consumed. Water bottle caps, straws, lighters, to name a few. I am going to make it a personal mission to be more aware of the things I am purchasing… whether it’s bottles of  water or plastic toys for my daughter. We have to start thinking about the impact that buying these products has on our environment. I will be doing scheduled beach clean ups if any would would like to volunteer their time  to help out just call or text. Full website coming soon with all scheduled events! 

Peace and Love,

Sheila from South Surf ✌🏽🏄🏽‍♀️💕

Oh and also big love to one of my soul sisters Jenna Mae for helping out 💕

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