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SUPing with KIDS

I have been bringing my daughter on my paddle board since she was 2 years old! It’s fun to include your children, however, we want you and your child to be safe. We carry PFD’s for all sizes… but if you want to bring your own that’s fine with us! Just as long as it is a coast guard approved life vest.

Important rules to follow:

  • PFD on at all times for the little one and for you! Model good water safety.
  • Tell them ahead of time that they will be falling off the board and that they will be safe when doing so. We would rather your child falls in the water than on the board. (That goes for you too!)
  • Make sure they have sunscreen on or a rash-guard (I prefer a rash-guard with my little one it keeps her warm, also I don’t have to worry about her sunscreen rinsing off. You can purchase a rash-gaurd at any store that carries sporting goods)
  • Bring water and a snack. No one likes a “hangry” child!
  • Hats are good protection from the sun
  • Make sure they know not to stand up without asking you first.
  • Tell them they cannot move around too much on the board (If they want to stay on that is).
  • Ask them not to grab you and/or pull on your legs as this will make you fall off and possibly hurt yourself.
  • Stay close to shore when you are first learning to paddle with you wee one’s. It is shallow and allows you to get off with ease.

SUPing with PETS

We have limited amount of animal PFD’s so make sure to call and reserve yours ahead of time. We highly recommend your furry friend wears a PFD. They have an easy handle that can help you get them out of the water if they fall in.

Important notes:

  • It’s important that your fur baby is comfortable in the water.
  • It can be challenging with an animal on your board as they tend to get excited and move around a lot. This may throw you off balance. Stay calm and ask them to sit. If they do succeed in making you fall, always remember to fall OFF your board and into the water.
  • Stay close to shore if it’s your first time SUPing with your pet. Give them time to calm down so they (and you) enjoy the ride!
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